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Senior Design Team Lead

I facilitate daily design scrum meetings, retrospectives and sprint planning. I build teams and work with offering managers and executive team to prioritize work for UX Leads and designers.


Design Thinking

I help facilitate Design Thinking workshops for IBM’s Compute offerings.
“IBM Design Thinking is a framework for teams to understand and deliver great user outcomes at the speed and scale of the enterprise. Using IBM Design Thinking begins with a focus on user outcomes, a multidisciplinary team, and a spirit of restless reinvention. We’ve put these pieces together into a powerful behavioral model and a set of key practices to scale design thinking to even the most complex projects.”


An end-to-end story

Crafted an end-to-end story for IBM’s InterConnect conference and outbound marketing teams
by helping to consult and facilitate meetings with multi-team stakeholders and executive team.


Simple, clean, extensible design


Plan your VMware journey to the cloud

Configure and scale cloud resources on demand.
With on-demand provisioning of bare metal and virtual cloud resources, you’re able to deploy an enterprise-class VMware environment on IBM Cloud in a matter of hours (rather than weeks or months).

Securely extend your VMware footprint around the world.
Break your VMware workloads out of your limited on-premises facilities by expanding your virtualized data center into any of our 30 data centers around the world.

Simplify the management of your VMware hybrid cloud.
Expand or move your VMware cloud environments to any IBM Cloud data center quickly and easily with the VMware management control panel your team already uses.

Details are confidential.



Dev14 Vision Planning

Developer Division
Helped define the strategy for the 2014 development planning for Visual Studio. Designed workflows, strategy and consulted division wide stakeholders.



RAD Experience

Visual Studio
Concurrently designed run time and design time workflows to illustrate the complete developer experience within Visual Studio. Worked with Office 365 and Visual Studio teams.


Visual Studio Experience

Visual Studio
Worked with stakeholders to design specific experiences.

This work is confidential.


TFS Team Room

Team Rooms allow developers to communicate and view related TFS items in real time.

Tasked to create a team room experience from scratch. Hosted design workshops, consulted stakeholders, iterated on designs and performed usability testing. Gathered stakeholder sign off and delivered workflows and redlines.

The outcome is a popular team room experience that compliments the Visual Studio Online experience.




TFS Prototyping Toolkit

Microsoft project managers use PowerPoint to communicate their ideas to stakeholders.

Unfortunately, PowerPoint isn’t the best prototyping tool, so I designed and developed this fully functional PowerPoint toolkit to allow Microsoft teams to create higher fidelity Ux prototypes.

During discovery, design and development, I collaborated across multiple teams and hosted multiple brown bag talks.

The TFS Prototyping Toolkit is still in use today.





“New Open APIs for Office 365: These REST-based APIs for mail, files, calendar and contacts will empower Android, iOS, Windows or Web developers to leverage over 400 petabytes of Office 365 content to deliver enhanced productivity to the millions of Office 365 subscribers. Available today through the Microsoft API Sandbox for Office 365.”
– Forbes

officeBuild Office Add-ins with Napa



HoloMaps is a HoloLens mapping application that gives you a personalized
and contextual way to explore the world.

Use HoloLens for mapping by leveraging existing 3D mapping data. You can explore the world in 3D with terrain mapping and detailed imagery. Plan a trip, see the weather of your destination or find a landmark. View your trip from all of your devices.

HoloMaps was my Microsoft Hackathon project.
Here is the storyboard for the video.

HoloMaps Story

All other information is confidential.


A fun conceptual re-imagination of the Windows Start screen



Start screen tiles (not yet customizable)
Video and overlay theme packs
Accelerometer and swipe sensitive parallax video and camera backgrounds
Parallaxing overlays
Customizable with your own video backgrounds and overlays

A fresh experience

“[…]There is one thing, however, that could completely change your opinion on the Start screen. Simply called Startuy, the concept you’re seeing here is a re-imagination of the Windows Start screen, bringing lots of great features on Windows 8.1.”



Why was Startuy created?

For fun! I created Startuy from ideation to deployment, keeping it scoped to a Minimal Viable Product. I worked on it for an hour a day during lunch for a few months until it was complete.

Application Goals

Come up with an original application concept
Make everything from scratch
Use the best tools
Author in C#
Talk to hardware
Support in app purchases
Deploy to a Surface RT device
Bend the Ux rules
Pass the Windows App Certification Kit
Use the Windows Store dashboard
Pass Windows Store certification

  • Come up with an original application concept

    • I’ve been wishing that the Start screen could do this for some time
  • Make everything from scratch

    • Code, images and video
  • Use the best tools

    • VS 2012, VS 2013, Blend, Remote debugger, Fireworks, Photoshop
Read more
  • Author in C#

    • Could have wrote it in a fraction of the time using JavaScript
      • Relearn C#
        • Find sample code and documentation
          • Only partial code examples existed
          • Watched video demos from Build, pressed pause, then copied the API calls
        • Found strange problematic edges to the code
          • The emulator doesn’t accurately reflect the RT device UI
        • Use the Package.appxmanifest
          • Scaled icon assets would sometimes show an error
  • Deploy to a Surface RT device

    • Deploying to remote machine was easy, but took time
    • The emulator sometimes had different results than the device
  • Bend the Ux rules

    • I didn’t really like the swipe from edge gesture.
    • So, I made a hotspot along the right edge of the screen
  • Talk to hardware

    • File system, camera and accelerometer
      • Author code for the file system
        • Sample code and documentation was complete
      • Author code for the camera
        • No basic sample code
      • Debug the accelerometer
        • Not supported by the Visual Studio Emulator
          • Took time to debug on a device due to deployment
  • Support in app purchases

    • Setting up in app purchasing was surprisingly easy
      • Just match the product license in your code with the one on the online dashboard
  • Pass the Windows App Certification Kit

    • Failed at first due to performance
      • Added a delay to load the movies, so it started faster
    • Run this often and from the beginning of development.
  • Use the Windows store dashboard

    • Very nice. Easy to use and set up
  • Pass Windows Store certification

    • Failed certification many times due to crashing
      • Tried everything to reproduce but not enough data to debug
    • Submitted with release notes that read
      • “Could you please include some/any more detail on why it failed?”
        • Passed
  • Launch

    • Handful of positive articles
    • People would like to see it integrated into the start button
  • Lessons learned

    • Use a familiar technology
    • Lack of basic starting points ‘springboards’ dramatically slowed down development
      • Boilerplate code would really help here
        • Perhaps on the getting started page
        • This would be a big win
    • Test the device often because the emulator isn’t always accurate
    • Validate your app with the Windows App Certification Kit often
    • Check your app into the store for approval early and often
      • Catch problems early
      • Just don’t release it to the public until you’re ready
    • Leak your app before it launches



Senior UX designer
Dedicated to the LabVIEW family of products

Successful UX hiring manager and mentor.
Performed research, hosted design workshops, consulted stakeholders,
iterated on designs and performed usability testing. Gathered stakeholder sign off. Delivered workflows and redlines.

LabVIEW Next Generation

LabVIEW is a system-design platform and development environment for a visual programming language. I was tasked to update the UX from the existing LabVIEW platform experience.

nextgen concepts


LabVIEW Web UI Builder

LabVIEW Web UI Builder gives you the ability to develop lightweight, web-based thin client applications through graphical programming. These applications serve as graphical user interfaces GUIs that enable users to remotely monitor and control LabVIEW-based measurement and automation systems through a web browser.


web labview

LabVIEW System Designer

LabVIEW system designer supports visual programming at a higher level of hardware abstraction.

sysdiag 2

Designed holistically

Designing a product family

Tasked to collaborate with stakeholders to define the UX for a family of products. Holistic design approach to keep the product family aligned. Generated style guides and delivered UX guidance across product teams.


Designing the details

…select experiences that I have worked on.



Performed market research and user studies.
Here are a few snapshots from my market analysis at NI Week.


Designing the welcome experience

LabVIEW Education Edition needed a fresh welcome experience for their student target audience. Here is a hi-fidelity design that I designed and modeled for stakeholder review and user testing.

Designing the ribbon

After reviewing the application commands holistically,
I gathered feedback, performed card sorting sessions and iterated. I found that customers typically perform configuration operations and design operations separately. As a result, I created two contextual ribbon tabs when a control or indicator has been selected: Configuration and Design. It has performed well in user testing.


Designing controls and indicators

My goal was to keep the interaction models consistent, but the challenge was to keep them extensible. The result is this lightweight but powerful context menu.

Designing generic workflows

The LabVIEW visual programming language allows blocks to be arranged in any fashion adding to their complexity. I finely tuned the workflows and interaction models due to their complexity.

generic actor


Designing field validation

I designed for field validation in the ribbon. This is especially tricky when one field relies on another and becomes a problem when when modal error dialogs interrupt the user’s rhythm. Allowing fields to stay in an error state when the user moves on to another resolves this problem.

Designing the palette

Pallets can be large. When expanding a branch, the label isn’t always visible.
To increase label visibility, I placed the lable vertically to the left of the expanded branch.



Designing visual programming interactions

I was careful to only display the labels when the mouse was near the block. Then when wiring starts, the blue wire spool would appear. The wiring target becomes larger during a mouseover to make it an easier target.

Designing levels of abstraction

There are many ideas about how interact between low and high levels of abstraction. These designs illustrate how to wire between the levels of hardware and software abstraction.




Designing the color picker

While iterating on the color picker, our usability studies revealed that users primarily use the color pallet instead of the granular color picker. So, I moved the pallet to the top.

Designing for touch

I worked on the early UX designs for LabVIEW Next Generation
on touch enabled devices.

Stakeholders were very enthusiastic.

iphone labview smaller


Designing hardware interactions

I worked on the experience of LabVIEW connecting to hardware clocks and processors. During our user studies, we found that it adds value to display the health level of a wire.

Designing the front panel

Visual and interaction designs for Front Panel controls and indicators.







Wouldn’t it be great if you could do all of your direct marketing online?



Create, View, and Download Direct Marketing Address Lists.
Make Custom Mailings and Send them to your Direct Marketing Address List.

mailmaker vid

I designed and developed this application from scratch
and sold the technology to a home selling network.





As Senior User Experience Designer, I consulted enterprise level, company wide and external stakeholders to design an all new direct marketing list application.
This was accomplished by instituting a design, prototype, review methodology to gather and flush out design requirements. I completed the overall experience design as well as delivered design communications to developers.




Conceived the architecture and code behind a successful open source Intranet application and ecommerce website called Intranet 2004. Performed staff and procurement management while overseeing and developing multiple websites and web applications. Performed software consultation.



Scott Postma, the founder and chief technologist for Technical Graffiti, came up with the idea behind Intranet 2004 after consulting for a variety of companies about their intranets. He found that his clients all wanted intranet portals, but bought products that had major redundancies with tools they already owned, such as timesheet systems. He could see that they needed an adaptive framework to hang apps off of, but none existed. So Postma did what any budding entrepreneur would do: he created one himself.

Intranet 2004: A No-Fuss Intranet Framework – Intranet Journal


Technical Lead

My roles at frog ranged from Liaison to Technologist to Technical Lead.


I consulted internal stakeholders and developed frog design’s corporate website. I then took initiative to gather requirements and develop frog design’s corporate intranet.




As Liaison to, I communicated technical and design visions to in-house
developers and designers. I also developed’s ecommerce user interface.



Defined user interface modules and technical specifications. Managed the technical aspect of the project. Mentored internal staff in module development and integration at the Frankfurt Germany headquarters.





My role on the Dell project was to enhance user interface controls and empower the designers of Dell’s ecommerce website with progressive recommendations and technologies.




Developed the user interface prototype of the Microsoft Management Portal. Worked with Microsoft’s in house resources to incorporate their .Net strategy into the Microsoft Management Portal.




Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio.

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